2020 July Monthly Meeting, "Mushrooms Gone Down Under: Ecology and Evolution of Truffle Like Fungi"

  • 2020-07-12
  • 14:00 - 16:00
  • New Mexico Mycological Facebook Page

Join the New Mexico Mycological Society for a virtual event this Sunday July 12th at 2PM.

We welcome Wes Colgan III who will be giving a talk titled, “Mushrooms Gone Down Under: Ecology and Evolution of Truffle Like Fungi".

Wes Colgan III has a BA in Biology from Sonoma State University and  Ph.D. in Forest Ecology from Oregon State University.  Wes is currently Research Professor and Adjunct at Northern New Mexico College in Espanola.

Wes became fascinated with the Kingdom Fungi thanks to Dr Chris Kjeldsen's mycology class at SSU in 1990.  While at Oregon State Wes worked with the Forest Mycology Research group founded by Dr. Jim Trappe. Wes had the good luck of discovering several new taxa of fungi, naming three new species and one new genus.

While Faculty at Louisiana Tech University Wes and several of his students participated in a NSF funded research project to "Assemble the Fungal Tree of Life" that used molecular and morphological data sets to reconstruct the evolutionary relationships within the Fungi.

To join the amazing event just be present on the NMMS Facebook page at or shortly after 2PM and we will be live. If you have questions stick around after the presentation. Follow the link below to get to our Facebook page.


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