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The purpose of NMMS is to advance the understanding and stimulate the interest of its members in the field of mycology by providing opportunities for study, holding conferences, facilitating cooperative research, arranging forays, exchanging information among members, and interchanging specimens and information with other interested parties and organizations.

NMMS hosts monthly meetings open to all, members-only field trips and Annual Foray weekend in prime mushroom-foraging locations, and social events.

NMMS is an affiliated member of the North American Mycological Association, and NMMS members receive a discount on NAMA membership. NAMA holds Regional Forays as well as its Annual Foray.

Anyone can join the New Mexico Mycological Society!



Sunday, May 19, 2024
2:00 pm
Castetter Hall, UNM Campus, Room 55
(see location HERE)

 “Tree death kills:
Loss of fungal biodiversity in a PJ woodland”

by Jessie Marlenee, PhD Candidate

Join us for a presentation by Jessie Marlenee about what happens to mycorrhizal fungi when mature piñon or juniper trees are killed. Her work is part of a large experiment outside Las Vegas, NM. 

Currently a student of Lee Taylor at UNM, Jessie completed her BS in Biology at Western Colorado University in December 2016 with an emphasis in Environmental Biology and Ecology. She began her PhD in Fall 2018, and is working on the fungal ecology of Piñon-Juniper Woodlands in New Mexico. She is broadly interested in the effects of climate change on plant-fungal interactions, particularly in forests.

In July 2019, Jessie and others gave a poster presentation entitled "Mycorrhizas and Host Tree Mortality in the Pinon-Juniper Woodland" at the International Conference on Mycorrhizae 10 in Mérida, Mexico.


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