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The purpose of NMMS is to advance the understanding and stimulate the interest of its members in the field of mycology by providing opportunities for study, holding conferences, facilitating cooperative research, arranging forays, exchanging information among members, and interchanging specimens and information with other interested parties and organizations.

NMMS hosts monthly meetings open to all, members-only field trips and Annual Foray weekend in prime mushroom-foraging locations, and social events.

NMMS is an affiliated member of the North American Mycological Association, and NMMS members receive a discount on NAMA membership. NAMA holds Regional Forays as well as its Annual Foray.

Anyone can join the New Mexico Mycological Society!



...from the 2024 Spring Foray hosted by NMMS
and Pikes Peak Mycological Society?

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This meeting will be HYBRID:
Speaker will be on Zoom. Attendees may participate in person at Castetter Hall or may join virtually. Link will be posted.

Castetter Hall - Room 55, UNM Campus - 2:00 pm    click here for location map

"New Frontiers in Psilocybin Research" by Juliana Cuartas 

  • Introduction on Psilocybe Mushrooms: where they grow, how they were rediscovered by the western world, and how they tie into "psychedelics" in a larger sense 
  • Neuroscience Research
    • effects on the whole person (i.e. behavioral effects clinical trials are being run)
    • effects on the level of the nervous system that lead to those behavioral effects, plus effects on other body systems
    • effects on the level of neurons and other cells that lead to the effects above
  • Tying it All Together: findings of a brilliant neuroscientist on how all of these systems work together; reflections on best practices based on this new research; and some of the exciting speculative applications of psilocybin. 

About Juliana Cuartas: The neuroscience of psychedelics has been a special interest of mine since the early days of the "psychedelic renaissance" when I was in high school. I received a BA in Evolutionary Biology from Columbia University in 2018 where I did field work related to ecological conservation and biological anthropology. I taught high school biology for two years then did a master's in Biomedical Science specializing in molecular neuroscience. After my master's I continued work on DNA damage and neurodegeneration under an NIH fellowship. I am now starting a Neuroscience PhD program in Oregon in the fall, where I hope to pivot into related psychedelic research and am beyond thrilled to go hiking and foraging for medicinal herbs and fungi! 

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