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The purpose of NMMS is to advance the understanding and stimulate the interest of its members in the field of mycology by providing opportunities for study, holding conferences, facilitating cooperative research, arranging forays, exchanging information among members, and interchanging specimens and information with other interested parties and organizations.

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NMMS Upcoming Meetings & Events

October 9, 2022  Oyster October  Albuquerque Garden Center

Learn the process of cultivating oyster mushrooms at home.  Hands-on mixing of mushroom spawn you can take home. Presentation by David Augustyniak (owner The Ant Farm and Uni Fungi, and member of NMMS) and Chris Kerns (member, NMMS).  Interested in learning more about the club?  Guests welcome!

Albuquerque Garden Center

We hold most meetings at Albuquerque Garden Center.

Visit their website for events and more.

Each year, we hold couple of meetings in Santa Fe
Refer to the schedule of events.

Forays, Festivals, and Other Fun Stuff

September 29-October 2, 2022  NAMA Annual Foray ▪ Potosi, MO

Registration is open for the 2022 NAMA Annual Foray.  Visit the website for more information: MO-NAMA 2022 Annual Foray.

North American Mycological Association

NMMS is an affiliated member of NAMA and NAMA members receive a discount on NMMS membership.  The organization holds an annual foray in the Fall.  NAMA Website

Link to September 12, 2021 Presentation Slides

Meeting at Santa Fe Railyards: Genetics, DNA Barcoding, and Vouchering (PDF) 

Albuquerque Garden Center Events

Link to the AGC Events page

Albuquerque Garden Center Events
Orchid Show, Engraved Bricks, Parade of Gardens, and more.

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